Should We Live in or Leave the Philippines Under a Duterte Victory?

After a busy workday, cold drinks and good conversation awaited clients, guests, friends, and media in celebration of Regina Online Investing Clients’ Night held last May 18 at a private bar in Taguig. The event was held in conjunction with the discussion of the Philippine Market Outlook under a Duterte victory.

The night was kicked-off with the signing of the Introducing Broker Agreement between ROI and Seven Seas Properties Corporation – the first of its kind in the county.

“Ordinarily, it is the Filipino investors who are the ones who go out to gain access to the capital markets of other countries.  This time, it is the foreign investors who are coming in to us through Regina Online,” Fernando Martinez, Sales Manager of Regina Online Investing said.

Due to restrictive foreign investment laws, the newly forged deal seeks to cater to Japanese investors who are looking at other investment opportunities in the country aside from property investment.

“We are primarily catering to Japanese investors who want to invest in the property sector in the Philippines. However, since they can only purchase condominium units because of the prohibition against foreigners owning other real-estate properties in the Philippines, they want to broaden their interest in your country,” Yusuke Uejima, Vice President of Seven Seas Properties Corporation said.

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(From L-R) of Seven Seas Properties Corp. Sales and Marketing Manager Masahiro Sawaki, Seven Seas Properties Corp. Executive Vice President Yusuke Uejima, MFT Group of Companies CEO Maria Francesca Tan, Regina Online Investing Sales Manager Fernando Martinez and Regina Capital Development Corporation Head of Sales Luis Limlingan.
A toast to a better and stronger Philippines!

To formally welcome everyone to the event, Regina Capital Development Corporation Head of Sales Luis Limlingan started off with a welcome speech. Luis gave everyone a trip back to memory lane when they first started the company 30 years ago and how Tan helped them establish ROI.

“It is really mesmerizing to see how far we have accomplished when we thought of only servicing our friends and those who wanted to trade and next thing you know we are already opening a branch in Iloilo, CDO and La Trinidad to even servicing big institutional funds both locally and regionally,” Luis said.

Luis Limlingan shares to the crowd how the Regina Capital Development Corporation started in the business.

Before getting into the discussion on the Philippine Market Outlook, Traders Apprentice Pilipinas Co-founder Atty. Christian Del Rosario, first briefed the audience on the situation of the world economy and global market.

“What we need to remember is that in accessing the global market, volume is bigger due to increased number of participants so you have to be careful on the number of trades you make,” Christian advised.

Philippine Market Outlook

On to the main event, Martinez enlightened the crowd on what’s in store for the Philippines Market under Presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte.

Based on Duterte’s Eight Point Economic Agenda as laid out by highly expected cabinet member Sonny Dominguez, Fernando is very positive on the following platforms:

  • If they will increase infrastructure spending by addressing the public-private partnership (PPP) program, we can expect a lot of activity in the government spending which will create more jobs. More importantly, the PPP is concentrated on building highways and overall increasing our economic activity.
  • Ensuring the attractiveness of the Philippines to foreign direct investment, will be beneficial to traders because we will always be dependent on foreign funds whether we are engaging in stock market or we are trying to build projects in the country. If Duterte follows this track, expect more funds in capital market meaning more foreign funds will participate in stock market. At the same time this will be vibrant and provide good income opportunity in local investors.
  • It is important to pursue genuine agricultural development. We must remember that we are the world’s leading consumer of rice. We have so much land yet we are still net importers of rice. On the world market, we are mover of rice commodity. Every time the PH government makes a move to purchase rice, the rice commodity market moves along with our demand. If they will focus on this improvement, expect strong economic growth especially in Visayas and Mindanao.

What do we expect?

According to Fernando, traders will be able to see a continued upward trend towards the year’s closing.

“We may see some correction on our index, some consolidation on level 7200 and 7300 but I think in general based on chart pattern we are seeing, there will be a continued upside towards end of year and that is good for investors,” Fernando said.

“You will need to be with a right broker with an online platform that does not hang or lag so you could participate on this wealth participation,” Fernando said. Regina Online Investing provides a user-friendly interface that runs using PSETradex, built by Malaysian trading technology with more than 25 years on the business.

The program ended on a high note with the awarding of a special gift to one of ROI’s most valued client who have shown trust in the service and for always using ROI platform almost every day. CEO of MFT Group of Companies Mica Tan awarded the ROI’s most valued client an overnight gift certificate stay at Hotel H2o w/ breakfast buffet and one hour massage and spa for two at Hotel H2o.

Should We Live in or Leave the Philippines? Some of the attendees already have their answers!

All of us at Regina Online Investing would like to thank all of our clients, guests, colleagues and media who came to the first ROI Client’s Night. Special thanks to Business Mirror, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Times. We are looking forward to provide you with better service for the years to come! #NeverSettle

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