Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount that a person can start with?

Since different stocks have different prices, there is minimum number of shares you must trade for each corresponding price. This is called a board lot.

Using the table below, if stock A is worth P7.00, you must trade at least 100 shares. If stock B is worth P70.00, then you must trade in board lots of 10 shares.



How does a person open a brokerage account?

For individual accounts, we only require the following:

Hard copies are to be submitted to the office. Assuming all documents are completed, you may already start trading the next business day.

How does the process of trading actually work?

Traditional: You may call your broker to place orders. Brokers may give advice on timing and types of stocks tro trade

ROI: Using the platform, you may place orders through the software programme

Trading on the PSE pre-opens at 9:00 am; opens at 9:30 am; is in recess between 12:00 and 1:30 pm; pre-closes at 3:15 pm; in run-off from 3:20 pm; and closes at 3:30 pm.

How do I make payment?

Before trading, account holders must make a deposit.

Regina Capital has accounts with these banks:

ACCOUNT NAME: Regina Capital Development Corporation

1.             BDO S/A  No. 3600296315 – Ayala Triangle branch
2.             RCBC S/A  No. 90112-00066 – Ayala Triangle branch

You can trade as much as proceeds you have reflected. There will be no maintaining balance for the first month.

How do I receive payment?

When filling up your application form, you may specify which bank account to credit your proceeds. Alternatively we may deliver a check payment to your specified address.

How do I make money from stocks?

Two ways for this: capital appreciation and dividends.

When is the best time to enter into the stock market?

The earlier you start, the earlier you can maximize your potential gains on the stock market.

What is a good way to start?

A. First map out you investment objectives
B. Second, think about your time horizon
C. Third, consider your risk appetite

An ROI representative can help you better understand where you fall with these. Talk to us today!