Our mission is to create richer and balanced lives with you through a more active stock market participation.

Our values

Unconventional Communication

We believe in the saying, ‘business as usual is a death march in today’s economy.’ We seek to bring value adding activities and campaigns you have never seen in the financial industry.

Rooted Interaction

We listen to you closely. We look forward in co-creating better stock broker services and products with you. With that, we don’t mind going to where you are to know what you really need.

Active PSE Participant

We want to challenge the status quo. We believe innovation with PSE is there to set higher standard on our financial services as well as on the whole equity market.

This is why we Never Settle.

Our community

  • University Student Traders & Investors: We closely work with the younger generation, educating them towards responsibility in finance.
  • Professionals: We’ve expanded our efforts in creating an actively rich and balanced lifestyle of workers.